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Chicago, August 15th 2007

On August 14th of 2007 version Beta 0.83 of POLSORT search engine of Polish business and organizations in the United States has been released. The project initialized in May of 2007 by two students from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC - Department of Engineering) is planned to be completed (Release version 1.0) by end of year 2007. The idea behind Polsort is to make a better flow of information between Polish business and organizations and Polish communities across the US.

How it works?
It is a  localized search engine for minorities and it is free for both users and businesses. Users by typing in keywords and zip code or town receive results with corresponding business and organizations relevant to the word. By signing agreements with Google Polsot is able to display map geo representation of the results. The site is prepared for both Polish and English speaking users. Sample searches could be: “Dentist” in “Norridge”, Night club” in “New York,”  “Church” in “Chicago”

How Polsort is different from other US Polish business registries like “Informator Polnijny” or “Bazarynka”? It is end user centralized meaning every respond to user search request is being handled in such a way that user gets results closest to the user’s search area. But most of all it is not only free to the user only  but also free for businesses, so every business or organization can easily register thru an online form  and get seen by hundreds if not thousands users per month.

So how Polsort makes a living?
Well, every website/portal or web based project is being faced with expenses such as server cost, data traffic fees, and other. Besides the free business account, Polsort offers paid accounts called: “Silver Member” and “Gold Member”, Businesses registering for those accounts, for small yearly fee get to put extra information, images, or logos that better describe their business.

Plans for future?
We never stop on increasing ratio of relevant results per search, increasing security for the system; we plan to work closer with Google to get websites for Polish in the US profiled for Polsort. We also plan to update to latest available cutting edge technologies. Besides all that we plan to make it even more convenient by deploying a solution for mobile devices as well.

For more information:
Media Relations and Investors Contact:
Pawel Bak

Engineering solutions:
Damian Balawender



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