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About Polsort

Current fast pace style of living requires fast access to the information. Since web is the fastest growing source of  information, it is important that internet users can easily get the right search results. Polsort decided that it is the time to bring the information to Polish Communities in the United States. The Polsort database holds results to searches for all types of Polish businesses like stores, doctors, or more specific like car mechanics or non profit organizations. Two students from University of Illinois at Chicago initialized the project in May of 2007. The project got registered under name Polsort and  now is fast growing and motivated organization so be sure the check back soon for new releases.

About Polsort

It is funny but most of the best known Polish business in the United States contain the term “POL” in their name, than term “SORT” comes form the computer science dictionary related to search engines. (also it is easily understood in both languages: Polish and English) The decision was simple…

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